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YOOSourcing (YST) global offline sourcing meeting held in hangzhou This activity mainly introduces the future layout of YOOSourcing project, the application of landing products, and the construction of global nodes. Date I: April 14th (Sunday) from 14:00 to 16:00 Address :4756#jiangnan avenue, puyan street, binjiang district, hangzhou If you deeply identify with YOOSourcing and love blockchain, you're welcome to participate. Please be informed that

YST Foundation 2019/04/11

YOOSourcing is the first collaborative and decentralized solution for global sourcing.

It combines the power of trusted social networks with audited and verified transactional data to bring a comprehensive global sourcing solution in the palm of your hands.

YOOSourcing brings trust and transparency to international trade through the introduction of several innovative features into sourcing such as: geolocation and crowd-verification of suppliers, encrypted instant messaging tool, blockchain based smart contracts and machine learning based matching system between buyers and suppliers.

We have developed YOOSourcing by combining a strong expertise in international trade and blockchain technology.

By using blockchain based smart contracts, we trace all the transactions between international buyers and suppliers in order to gather quantitative data to build “Yndex” (YOO+Index) which is the trust index of suppliers.

We solve the last mile problem in international trade by providing a decentralized solution and using our utility token YST, we reduce the cost of networking.


The ICO crypto team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing.

Search engine

Our database contains over 200K suppliers, buyers and service providers. Locations of suppliers are verified by “crowd verification“ mechanism. Searching can be done using product name, company name, location, content of posts...

Machine learning based Matching system

We train our system with profiles of suppliers, buyers and service providers. We also use ”Yindex” in order to find the best match between these stakeholders.

Encrypted instant messenger

To improve communication in international trade and to protect confidential information, we have developed this tool in our app.

Smart contract based order management

Purchasing process between buyers and suppliers will be traced using smart contracts. This allows us to evaluate performance of suppliers during order execution.

Yndex: Trust index of suppliers

Using qualitative data gathered from the application later (ranking of suppliers, crowd verification...) and qualitative data or all orders (smart contracts) our algorithm creates the trust index of suppliers based on their performance.

Utility token: YST (YOOSourcing Token)

Node providers staking YST and getting rewards for participating in transaction confirmations. YST will also be used as rewards in order to reduce the cost of networking. It will also be used to purchase premium services of our platform at a discounted price.

Road Map

The ICO crypto team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing.


Oct 2015

Market research and MVP design


Mar 2016

MVP Development and testing


Jan 2017

The first version of the app available in AppStore and Android Stores.


Jun 2017

Integration of blockchain technology / Smart contracts design


Dec 2018

Development and testing of the first smart contract based on Quorum blockchain


Apr 2019

YST token sale


Dec 2019

Smart contracts fully integrated in YOOSourcing

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With a data base of over 200 thousand users and 40 thousand registered companies,YOOSourcing mobile app has been already used in over 16 countries.

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International founding team

Milad Nouri

He is a French entrepreneur based in China for almost 12 years. He has a good expertise of global sourcing and manufacturing in China. He holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique de Nantes (France). He also worked as researcher at Zhejiang University School of Management.

Manmeet Singh

He is an Indian entrepreneur based in China for over 16 years. He has been a serial entrepreneur in different fields in China and has a very strong financial background. He has an MBA degree in International Business from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research.

Advisory committee

Ignacio Lopez

Senior vice President,global sourcing,walmart

Stephane Torck

Chairman of China peomemo group

Brice Berrard

Executive director ERAM ASIA

Yosuke Yoshida

Exective Vice President of EMURGO

Taskhiro Hoshi

Consulting Manager of EMURGO

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